Fizzfuz Main Highlights Page

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  • National List - ordered

    1)  Harper's Ferry - West Virginia

    2)  Anteitam National Battlefield - Maryland

    3)  Washington D.C. - (including "The Mall")

    4)  Hawaii - (including Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)

    5)  Las Vegas, Nevada - (including "The Strip" - at least three major casino visits (examples - MGM Grand, Ceasars, Bellagio, etc...))

    6)  Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

    7)  The Great Lakes - (including the Lake Erie Islands and the Cedar Point Amusement Park - roller coasters highly reccomended)

    8)  New York City - (inclduing at least one Broadway Play, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and a scenic view of the city)

    9)  Great Smokey Mountains National Park - North Carolina and Tennessee

    10)  Yosemite National Park - California

    Some Close Calls

    General List - no particular order

    1)  Major or Minor League Baseball Game

    2)  Local Metropark

    3)  Fishing Trip on a Boat

    4)  Classical Music Symphony

    5)  Major/Large Amusement Park

    6)  Massive ("Las Vegas Strip Type/Themed") Casino

    7)  Large Art Museum

    8)  Play by Shakespear

    9)  Scenic Drive

    10) Trail Hike